26 Hearty and Healthy Foods for Lowering Blood Pressure

When we talk of lowering our blood pressure, we immediately think of cutting back on salt and processed foods. However, a heart-healthy diet involves more than just reducing your salt intake.

To regulate and avoid high blood pressure, you should not only eliminate the unhealthy foods that are causing the problem from your diet, but you should also eat more blood pressure-lowering foods.

Although the words “blood pressure-lowering foods” may evoke thoughts of limp steamed vegetables and bland egg whites, controlling your blood pressure is more than just possible—it can also be tasty and enjoyable.

Below Is a list of 26 delicious and healthy foods for lowering blood pressure.

1. Low-fat Yoghurt

Calcium is one of the primary compounds that helps combat high blood pressure, and low-fat dairy products are a fantastic source of it. From a 12-ounce serving of low-fat yoghurt, you can get about 30% of the daily calcium intake requirement.

Give it a try: For a boost of energy in the morning, blend a cup of low-fat Greek yoghurt with almond slivers, granola, and berries for an extra heart-healthy kick.

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