20 Best Apps That Pays You Real Money

If you’re like most people, you probably pass the time by scrolling through your smartphone. While it’s fun to watch YouTube videos and catch up on your social media accounts, these activities won’t help you make money. Instead, you can make the most of your free time by downloading an app that pays you money.

Many people are hesitant to use money-making apps because they assume that they’re not legit. But contrary to popular belief, you really can make money using a smartphone app. No strings attached!

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of how you can use apps to make money as well as the best apps that pay you real money so you can make some extra cash on the side.

Apps that Pay You Real Money

The apps listed below are ideal for making extra money in your leisure time. Get paid to go about your daily routine and make use of downtime that would otherwise be wasted.

Many of the apps on this list can be doubled for maximum revenue as you progress through it. There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one.

1. Ibotta

Developed in 2011, this is one of the longest standing money-making apps. This application lets you to earn money while doing something you already do: grocery shopping.

How Ibotta Works:

Before you visit the store where you’re planning to shop, check the app to see if there are any available rebates. You’ll have to specify the store you’re planning to visit. The app works in conjunction with major stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Publix and Sam’s Club.

After selecting the store, choose the available rebates of interest. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be asked to complete a simple task.

This ranges from watching a video to answering easy questions. I particularly love that the app sometimes provides a recipe for a newfound ingredient.

In some instances, you may not even have to complete a task to qualify for rebates. Afterwards, you can visit your chosen store and shop.

When you get back home, you should scan the barcode of the product that you wanted a rebate for. Upon scanning, there’ll be a small beeping sound notifying you that the product corresponds to the selected rebate.

Once you’ve scanned all the items of interest, snap a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app. Now all you need to do is wait patiently as the funds are being sent to your account.

Ideally, you should receive your money within an hour or two. But on very busy days, the transaction may take up to 48 hours.