BBNaija – Day 5: Amaka And Phyna, From Rat To Best Friend?
July 29, 2022 11223 10132

Amaka defended herself after Phyna called her a rat and accused her of being a snitch, and the two engaged in a yelling war on Sunday. An amused Ph... Read more

BBNaija – Day 5: Things Get Super Cosy Between Sheggz And Bella
July 29, 2022 7549 6969

After morning workouts and preparations for the day, Sheggz and Bella cosied up on the couch for a chat. With her feet on his, and his hands holdin... Read more

Drake Releases 'Honestly, Nevermind' Merch Following Tobey Maguire Co-sign
July 29, 2022 6510 6026

Along with the release of his dance album Honestly, Nevermind, Drake also created a line of apparel.As previously hinted, the "Huge Fan" collection... Read more

BBNaija – Day 5: An Overview Of Potential Level Up Ships
July 28, 2022 6116 5619

Conversations about who might like who are happening here and there, and the Level 2 House just so happens to be the hotspot for these discussions,... Read more

BBNaija – Day 4: Bryann Plans A Level 2 Takeover
July 28, 2022 5330 4922

The Level 2 Housemates of #BBNaija have a lot to say about their Level 1 counterparts. A large part of this was caused by their encounter with them... Read more

BBNaija – Day 4: Housemates Have Love On The Brain
July 28, 2022 4573 4253

Bella and Sheggz appear to be on their way to starting a relationship in the House! Sheggz shot his shot and called Bella beautiful last night as t... Read more

BBNaija – Day 3: Check Out The Housemate Pairings
July 27, 2022 4797 4453

When they all saw one another for the first time yesterday, the Big Brother Season 7 Housemates were taken aback. When the Level 1 Housemates enter... Read more

BBNaija – Day 3: Early Mornings Are For Flirting
July 27, 2022 4506 4191

Ever since his first night in Biggie's House, Eloswag has been hidden from the prying eyes of hungry shippers. He is one of the Housemates that has... Read more

BBNaija – Day 3: Friendship On The Rocks
July 27, 2022 4006 3734

What are the possibilities that two people wanting to form a connection will actually get into a fight? Regarding the BBNaija Level Up Housemates, ... Read more

BBNaija – Day 2: Chaos And Possible Evictions
July 26, 2022 4300 4031

Eloswag was given the opportunity to speak with Biggie in the diary room following his successful election as Head of House. Eloswag would have to ... Read more

BBNaija – Day 2: "Let's Game De Game" AKA Post Reunion Reflections
July 26, 2022 3984 3686

"Let's game de game," After a thorough study of the Level 1 Housemates, Phyna announced. After Kess emphasised that it was definitely time to Level... Read more

BBNaija – Day 2: Eloswag Is The First HOH
July 26, 2022 3712 3480

Housemates received a really unexpected surprise from Biggie during yesterday's fiercely competitive Head of House game. First-time visitors from b... Read more

BBNaija: Day 2: Chichi And Bella Gave Us The First Fight Of The Season
July 26, 2022 3381 3162

The Vawulence is beginning early in the Big Brother Level Up House, not in the Level 2 House as many of you had expected on social media, family.Af... Read more

BBNaija – Day 2: Talents Get Unveiled In The House
July 26, 2022 3054 2835

This week, Big Brother has Tasked the Housemates in both Houses to prepare performances that showcase their talents, for the Task Presentation this... Read more

BBNaija – Day 2: Lit Mornings And High Energy In The House
July 26, 2022 3308 3104

Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemates begin their mornings with loud music and energetic dance motions, unlike some people who prefer to wake up al... Read more

Another One! A Jam-packed Level Up Launch
July 25, 2022 3268 3097

Ebuka showed us around the second House, also known as Level 1, looking as elegant as ever. The enormous swimming pool and, of course, the consiste... Read more

BBNaija – Day 1: Biggie Officially Opens His Doors To 12 Housemates
July 25, 2022 3410 3218

Season 7 of Big Brother Naija has finally made it to the screens of the no sleep geng.The Double Launch weekend started with a big bang! Millions o... Read more

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