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Biden Declares Florida State Of Emergency, Postpones Trip As Tropical Storm Ian Strengthens
September 25, 2022 529 494

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency for Florida on Saturday as Tropical Storm Ian gained strength and barreled toward the Sunshine St... Read more

Amid Coup Rumours, China Cancels Over 9,000 Flights, Several Trains For Unknown Reason
September 25, 2022 483 446

Amid speculation about China President Xi Jinping being under house arrest, Beijing has cancelled over 9,000 flights across country for unknown rea... Read more

China At UN Vows To Combat Taiwan Independence 'Activities'
September 25, 2022 439 416

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that reunification was the only way for "true peace" in the ... Read more

Iranian President Calls To ‘Deal Decisively’ With Protests
September 25, 2022 447 418

Iran must “deal decisively” with protests that have engulfed the country for over a week following the death of a woman arrested by Tehran’s ... Read more

Zelenskiy Says He Is Shocked By Israel's Failure To Give Ukraine We@pons
September 25, 2022 417 384

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he was "in shock" at Israel's failure to give Kyiv anti-missile systems to help counter Russian attack... Read more

Yellen Says Russia Offering 'Enormous Discounts' On Oil To China, India
September 23, 2022 1074 1013

Yellen claims that Russia is giving China and India "enormous discounts" on oil.A planned Western price cap on Russian oil is already making a diff... Read more

British Prime Minister Slams Putin, Hails Queen In Debut UN Speech
September 22, 2022 1209 1148

New British Prime Minister Liz Truss has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of making “sabre-rattling threats” to cover his failed invasi... Read more

China’s Huge 14,000-bed COVID-19 Isolation Center Revealed In Drone Footage
September 21, 2022 1325 1270

China has built a massive COVID-19 isolation center made up of row upon row of temporary buildings over a vast expanse in the country’s south, as... Read more

Sri Lanka Receives Consignment Of Rice From Australia For Those Affected By The Crisis
September 21, 2022 1109 1063

The first consignment from an Australian donation totaling AUD22 million (approximately USD15 million) has arrived in Sri Lanka and will soon be di... Read more

Iran Faces Global Criticism, Protests over Woman’s De@th
September 21, 2022 994 960

Iran faced international criticism on Tuesday over the death of a woman held by its morality police, which ignited three days of protests and arres... Read more

China Ready To Make Efforts For 'Peaceful Reunification' With Taiwan
September 21, 2022 911 883

China is willing to make the utmost effort to strive for a peaceful "reunification" with Taiwan, a Chinese government spokesperson has said, follow... Read more

146 Injured After Strong Earthquake Hits Southeastern Taiwan
September 19, 2022 1377 1299

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the sparsely populated southeastern part of Taiwan on Sunday (Sept 18), the island's weather bureau said, derailing ... Read more

US President Joe Biden Says COVID-19 'Pandemic Is Over'
September 19, 2022 1162 1099

The Government is scrapping the traffic light system which has been in place for most of the pandemic. (First published Sept 12)US President Joe Bi... Read more

Joe Biden Says US Would Defend Taiwan Against Chinese Invasion
September 19, 2022 978 927

Joe Biden has seemingly boosted American support for Taiwan after saying US forces would defend the self-ruled island if China tried to invade it.T... Read more

Investors Pull Billions From Stock Market As Downturn Takes Hold
September 18, 2022 1186 1118

Investors are hurriedly pulling their money out of the stock market as the supercharged returns driven by years of low savings rates and minimal in... Read more

Syria Air Defense Repels Israel’s Nighttime Att@ck
September 18, 2022 986 945

Syrian air defense forces repelled a nighttime attack by Israeli fighter jets on Saturday using Russian-made Pantsir-S1 and Buk-M2E air defense sys... Read more

Turkey Launches New Att@ck On Iraq
September 18, 2022 914 882

The Turkish attack was carried out in Erbil located in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.No information regarding the possible damages or casualties has b... Read more

Exclusion Of Afghan Girls From High Schools ‘Shameful’, Says UN
September 18, 2022 836 792

The United Nations has called for Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers to reopen high schools to girls, calling the anniversary of their exclusion “sha... Read more

Thousands In Shelters As 'Dangerous' Typhoon Hits Japan
September 18, 2022 754 717

Thousands of people took refuge in shelters in southwestern Japan on Sunday as powerful Typhoon Nanmadol churned towards the region, prompting auth... Read more

India's Richest Man Passes Jeff Bezos On List Of World's Wealthiest People
September 17, 2022 951 897

Despite being rated below Tesla and SpaceX creator Elon Musk, the richest man in India edged over Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for the No. 2 spot on t... Read more

South Africa And US Pledge Further Cooperation
September 17, 2022 835 796

South Africa and the US have vowed to work more closely in areas such as climate change and security, despite disagreement on the war in Ukraine.US... Read more

Biden Meets Relatives Of US Citizens Jailed In Russia
September 17, 2022 758 703

President Joe Biden met Friday with relatives of basketball star Brittney Griner and fellow US citizen Paul Whelan, who are both imprisoned in Russ... Read more

David Beckham 'Turned Down Chance' To Skip Queue To Visit Queen's Coffin
September 17, 2022 738 705

David Beckham turned down the chance to skip the queue to visit the Queen’s coffin, opting instead to stay in the line for 13 hours, it’s been ... Read more

Blinken Announces $600 Million Drawdown Of US Military Equipment For Ukraine
September 16, 2022 1130 1047

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced another round of military assistance for Ukraine on Thursday.The secretary of state said that $600 mill... Read more

China's Top Legislator Hopes To Strengthen Cooperation With South Korea On Supply Chains
September 16, 2022 967 897

China's top legislator Li Zhanshu said on Friday he hopes to further strengthen cooperation with South Korea on supply chains, after meeting with S... Read more

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