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Rishi Sunak Reportedly Puts A Stop To Ministers’ Daily Broadcast Round
November 20, 2022 401 386

Rishi Sunak has reportedly put a stop to the daily grilling of ministers on morning television and radio shows.Previously, under his predecessors, ... Read more

Biden Granddaughter Naomi Weds In White House Ceremony
November 20, 2022 401 388

President Joe Biden has welcomed guests to the White House for the wedding of his granddaughter Naomi — an unprecedented ceremony that was closed... Read more

Putin Crosses A Red Line With China
November 20, 2022 360 345

Russian President Vladimir Putin and China's President Xi Jinping have always been allies, but Putin may have crossed a line. Photo / Getty ImagesT... Read more

Trump Receives Standing Ovation At Republican Gathering As Rivals Lash Out
November 20, 2022 315 300

Donald Trump has received a standing ovation at a Republican Party gathering, even as several possible White House rivals lashed out at his electio... Read more

World's Longest-serving President Eyes Re-election
November 20, 2022 320 304

The world's longest-serving president is seeking re-election to continue his 43-year rule in Equatorial Guinea.President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbas... Read more

Sunak And Zelensky Meet In Kyiv, Britain Announces $89 Million Air Defence Package For Ukraine
November 20, 2022 289 280

Rishi Sunak yesterday visited Ukraine to meet Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, as he announced a new £50 million ($89 million) air defence package ... Read more

Kazakhstan Votes To Elect President
November 20, 2022 260 250

Voting is taking place on Sunday (20 November) in Kazakhstan, Central ASsia's largest republic. The elections are considered important since they m... Read more

Donald Trump Returns To Twitter After Elon Musk's Poll: All You Need To Know
November 20, 2022 242 234

Twitter's new boss Elon Musk on Saturday announced former US president Donald Trump would return to the social media platform after he organised a ... Read more

China To Work With Rest Of World To Create New Prospects Of Win-win Cooperation
November 19, 2022 467 446

The 17th Group of 20 (G20) Summit was held in Bali, Indonesia on Nov. 15 local time.Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the summit and delivered ... Read more

Amid Twitter Chaos, Musk Reveals New Vision For Hate Content
November 19, 2022 389 377

After turning Twitter upside down, Elon Musk on Tuesday tried to clarify his plans for content moderation, a key issue for the future of the influe... Read more

Russia Slams US, Allies For Testing North Korea's Patience
November 19, 2022 363 347

As North Korea ramps up its missile tests, Russia has accused the US and its allies of testing Pyongyang’s patience.Moscow is following developme... Read more

G7 Vows To Fight Hybrid Threats, Disinformation
November 19, 2022 322 306

The G7 group of the world's major economic powers on Friday vowed to strengthen cooperation in addressing hybrid threats and disinformation campaig... Read more

Turkish, Ukrainian Presidents Discuss Developments In Russia-Ukraine War, Grain Deal
November 19, 2022 321 304

The Turkish and Ukrainian presidents on Friday spoke over the phone and discussed the developments in the ongoing war between Moscow and Kyiv and t... Read more

Sweden Proposes To Change Permanent Residence Permits To Temporary
November 19, 2022 304 287

Sweden has proposed amendments to its migration law in an attempt to change permanent residence to temporary, local media reported on Friday.Mikael... Read more

Human Traffickers Capture Thousands Of Unaccompanied Refugee Children Across EU
November 19, 2022 314 301

Thousands of children who lost their parents while migrating to Europe fall prey to human traffickers or the organ mafia in the countries they visi... Read more

Bipolar World Would Be Big Mistake, Says French President
November 19, 2022 293 279

A bipolar world order would be a grave mistake, France's president said on Friday, arguing for the need of a "one-world order."Speaking on the side... Read more

Elon Musk Begins Twitter Poll On Reinstating Trump's Account
November 19, 2022 269 256

Twitter owner Elon Musk launched a poll Friday on the social media company asking if former US President Donald Trump should be allowed back on the... Read more

US Justice Department Appoints W@r Crimes Expert As Special Counsel For Donald Trump Investigations
November 19, 2022 246 237

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday named Jack Smith, a war crimes prosecutor, to serve as special counsel to oversee Justice Departmen... Read more

Amazon CEO Says Layoffs Will Extend Into Next Year
November 18, 2022 445 421

The mass layoffs that began in Amazon’s corporate ranks this week will extend into next year, CEO Andy Jassy said Thursday.In a note sent to empl... Read more

US Hospitals Are Closing As Demand For Care Increases
November 18, 2022 361 341

Declining revenue and increasing expenses are contributing to a growing number of hospital closures in the United States. Moreover, many hospitals ... Read more

UN Chief Calls For Reaching Consensus On Climate Actions At COP27
November 18, 2022 324 307

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called on countries to take climate actions instead of "finger-pointing" at the ongoi... Read more

Kazakhstan Observes 2.5% Economic Growth In 2022 – Minister
November 18, 2022 309 299

Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov announced the main indicators of the country’s economic growth since January 2022, Kazinform report... Read more

EU’s New Project To Boost Sustainable Energy In Central Asia
November 18, 2022 300 288

The European Union (EU) has launched the new project «Sustainable Energy Connectivity in Central Asia» (SECCA) at a roundtable dedicated to the E... Read more

U.K. Economy In Recession For First Time Since 2008
November 18, 2022 279 272

The United Kingdom has slipped into recession, the country's finance minister Jeremy Hunt said Thursday. The last time the U.K. was in recession wa... Read more

Russia's Economy Is Officially In Recession
November 18, 2022 247 243

Nine months after Russia invaded Ukraine, its economy has entered a recession, according to government statistics released this week.The nation's o... Read more

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