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Prince Charles' Wife Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Also Has COVID-19
February 14, 2022 1157 1065

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and the future Queen Consort of the U.K., has tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating, the royal family... Read more

Four Go On Trial In Paris Over Extremist Attack On Priest
February 14, 2022 1085 984

Four people have gone on trial in France over the murder of an 85-year-old priest by two men who claimed to be members of ISIS. Father Jacques Ham... Read more

PM Urges Putin To Step Back From 'Edge Of Precipice' Amid 'Dangerous' Ukraine Situation
February 14, 2022 944 868

Boris Johnson has said the situation in Ukraine is "very, very dangerous" as he urged Vladimir Putin to step back from "the edge of a precipice". ... Read more

Greece Advises Citizens To Leave Ukraine ‘Immediately’
February 14, 2022 943 873

Greece on Monday advised its citizens to leave Ukraine “immediately”, discouraging all travel throughout Ukraine, according to the coun... Read more

Blinken Says U.S. Prepared For Russian Diplomacy Or 'Aggression' On Ukraine
February 12, 2022 1409 1308

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he will speak to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday, and that Washington was prepared f... Read more

Turkish Intelligence Said To Abort Plot By ‘Iran Assassination Team’
February 12, 2022 1204 1116

Turkish spies thwarted a plot orchestrated by Iran to kill an Israeli-Turkish businessman based in Istanbul, a pro-government daily reported Friday... Read more

Hong Kong Reports Record Covid Cases, Seeks China's Support
February 12, 2022 1044 987

Hong Kong and mainland China are among few places in the world still aiming to suppress every COVID-19 outbreak instead of trying to live with the ... Read more

PM Warns Australians In Ukraine: ‘Get Out Now’
February 12, 2022 1045 975

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australian citizens in Ukraine should leave the country as soon as possible as the situation there is increasing... Read more

British Police Send PM Boris Johnson Questionnaire In 'Partygate' Probe
February 12, 2022 957 889

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received a legal questionnaire from police investigating claims of lockdown-breaking parties in his No. 10... Read more

Biden And Putin To Speak As US Warns Russia Could Attack Ukraine ‘Any Day’
February 12, 2022 951 882

US president Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will speak on Saturday as Western nations warned that a war in Ukraine could igni... Read more

S. Korea's New COVID-19 Cases Over 50,000 For 2nd Day Amid Raging Omicron
February 11, 2022 1787 1620

South Korea's daily COVID-19 infections stayed above 50,000 for the second day in a row Friday amid the fast spread of the highly transmissible omi... Read more

Boris Johnson’s Plan To Restart China Trade Talks Angers MPs
February 11, 2022 1503 1399

UK trade department tasked with organizing high-level ministerial talks with the Chinese government for the first time since 2018. Boris Johnson i... Read more

Trump's Failure to Build the Border Wall Is Entirely His Own
February 11, 2022 1319 1222

In February 2018, while Republicans still had a slim Senate majority, seven Democratic senators offered to provide $25 billion in funding for a wal... Read more

Malaysian Cops Warn Public Of New Scam Using Android App
February 11, 2022 1259 1175

The Malaysian police have discovered a new tactic by scammers to steal money from victims' bank accounts through an Android Package (APK) download.... Read more

Fifth Journalist Killed In Mexico This Year In Latest Attack On Media
February 11, 2022 1176 1102

A journalist has been shot dead in the southern state of Oaxaca, the latest in a string of murders that have prompted US lawmakers to pressure Mexi... Read more

Joe Biden Urges Americans To Leave Ukraine As 'Things Could Go Crazy Quickly'
February 11, 2022 1081 1016

US President Joe Biden has urged American citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, warning that "things could go crazy quickly" amid a potential Russ... Read more

Hijab Ban In India Sparks Outrage, Protests
February 10, 2022 1437 1359

Over the past month, several government-run educational institutions in India’s Karnataka state have banned Muslim female students from weari... Read more

Libyan Prime Minister Dbeibah Survives 'Assassination Attempt'
February 10, 2022 1271 1189

Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah survived an assassination attempt after his car was riddled with bullets early on Thursday, a source clos... Read more

India’s Biggest State Holds Election In Key Test Of Modi’s Popularity
February 10, 2022 1066 995

INDIA’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh began voting on Thursday (10) in the first of a series of local elections that will be a key tes... Read more

UK Warns Russia Of ‘Massive’ Consequences If Ukraine Invaded
February 10, 2022 989 918

Liz Truss warned the Kremlin it would face "severe” costs for any invasion of Ukraine as the foreign secretary arrived in Moscow for talks wi... Read more

Anti-vaccine Mandate Protesters Arrested In New Zealand
February 10, 2022 1029 976

Police have begun arresting dozens of protesters who were camped out on the grounds of New Zealand’s parliament on the third day of a convoy ... Read more

Russia And Belarus To Begin 10 Days Of Military Drills In 'Escalation' Of Tensions With Ukraine
February 10, 2022 945 897

Russia is to start 10 days of joint military drills with Belarus as fears Moscow will decide to invade Ukraine rise. Nato said the drills marked t... Read more

Hong Kong's Daily COVID-19 Infections Surge To Record
February 9, 2022 1537 1413

Hong Kong's daily COVID-19 infections nearly doubled to a record 1,161 cases on Wednesday (Feb 9), authorities said, as the global financial hub ba... Read more

Britain Is Undermining The EU To Upset China And Please The US
February 9, 2022 1388 1265

Yesterday, the United Kingdom announced that it was adding itself as a party to a World Trade Organisation (WTO) dispute between the European Union... Read more

Ukraine Crisis: Russia Undercuts Macron’s Claims Of A Putin Deal
February 9, 2022 1313 1178

Moscow cast doubt on French President Emmanuel Macron’s comment that he had received assurances from President Vladimir Putin that Russia wou... Read more

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