Can You Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To An iPhone At The Same Time?
March 26, 2023 859 804

Modern iPhones offer many audio features, but can users connect two Bluetooth headphones to the same iPhone simultaneously for a synchronized liste... Read more

How To Record Calls On iPhone
March 13, 2023 1525 1434

There’s no built-in iPhone feature that lets you record calls. The reasons should be obvious, especially for a company like Apple. Privacy is an ... Read more

Apple Reportedly Still Working On Under-display Touch ID for iPhones
March 10, 2023 1324 1269

Touch ID fans, rejoice! After years of rumors saying Apple could still readopt the Touch ID sensor for new iPhone models, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gu... Read more

iPhone 15 Reportedly Won’t Have A 120Hz Display Or Always-on Support
March 8, 2023 1213 1150

The iPhone 15 series should follow the same product launch strategy as the iPhone 14. That’s what most rumors say, at least. The iPhone 15 and 15... Read more

How To Export Text Messages As PDFs On iPhone
March 7, 2023 1095 1061

Some of the text conversations you have on your iPhone are more important than others. In fact, some of them are so important that you might want a... Read more

iPhone 16 Will Use Apple’s In-house 5G Modem, Qualcomm CEO says
March 2, 2023 1251 1168

Apple Store customers iPhone 16Image: VCG/VCG via Getty ImagesRumors about whether Apple could produce its own in-house 5G radios have been like a ... Read more

How To Create Stickers With Your iPhone Photos On iOS 16
March 2, 2023 1052 1005

One of the best features available with iOS 16 is the ability of iPhone users to lift a subject from an image and remove the background. This funct... Read more

3 Easy Ways To Enable The Always-On Display On Your Galaxy Watch 5
February 25, 2023 1340 1266

The Galaxy Watch 5 features an always-on display, but Samsung keeps the feature disabled by default. These days, most flagship smartwatches have an... Read more

Apple Could Launch Touchscreen MacBook Pro In 2025
January 13, 2023 4144 3893

Apple is reportedly working on a touchscreen MacBook Pro, which is something it’s resisted releasing for years.According to the ever-reliable Mar... Read more

iPhone SE 4 Cancellation Could Delay Apple's Big 5G Plans
January 10, 2023 3412 3183

Apple has canceled the fourth generation iPhone SE, according to reports over the weekend.The mid-range iPhone, which may have been released in 202... Read more

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Vs. Galaxy A13 5G: What's New?
January 7, 2023 3074 2890

The Galaxy A14 5G will succeed the Galaxy A13 5G as Samsung's new affordable 5G phone, but are there enough differences to warrant an upgrade?The G... Read more

Google Pixel Phones Receive Spatial Audio In January Update
January 5, 2023 2640 2518

Google has launched the January update for Pixel phones, which brings the en vogue spatial audio technology to some of the latest devices in the ra... Read more

Samsung Will Reveal Its Secret Sliding Phone Display This Week
January 3, 2023 2280 2172

You won't see it in any of the best phones this year, but Samsung Display has been working on a phone display that's even more useful than a foldin... Read more

Samsung To Wrap Up Android 13 One UI 5 Rollout Before 2023
December 31, 2022 2213 2104

Samsung has promised that it will complete the rollout of Android 13 with One UI 5 to all eligible phones and tablets before the end of the year.In... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Could Run A Lot Cooler
December 30, 2022 2333 2217

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will apparently run much cooler than its predecessor, among other improvements.According to a recent tweet by tipster... Read more

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Tipped For Shockingly Impressive Periscope Lens
December 30, 2022 1915 1807

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have a new type of periscope lens that will “shock everyone”, according to a new claim.Tipster Kartikey Singh has take... Read more

Motorola ThinkPhone Makes Another Appearance
December 30, 2022 1822 1757

The Motorola ThinkPhone has made another appearance, this time in some decidedly official-looking press materials.Last week we reported on the news... Read more

Google’s Pixel Phone Roadmap For Next 3 Years Leaked
December 28, 2022 1687 1631

Google’s plans for its Pixel smartphone lineup for 2023 to 2025 have been leaked.“An anonymous but trustworthy source” revealed the major shi... Read more

Apple TV App Coming To Android Phones And Tablets
December 27, 2022 1707 1669

The Apple TV app will soon launch on Android devices, according to a new rumour from a social media leaker with some recent previous.The ShrimpAppl... Read more

How To Turn Off & Restart The Google Pixel 7
December 27, 2022 1660 1609

Have you purchased the Pixel 7 but don't know how to turn it off or restart it? Here are a few ways to shut down your phone and reboot it when need... Read more

How To Add The Spotify Widget To Your iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16
December 22, 2022 1924 1868

If you live the iPhone widget life and would like to have a quick Spotify app launcher featured on your lock screen, check out one of these apps.iP... Read more

The Pixel 8 Camera Might Adopt A New HDR Technique
December 21, 2022 1680 1614

The Pixel 8 is a long ways off, but some snippets of camera app code identified by developer Kuba Wojciechowski are giving us an early glimpse into... Read more

iPhone nUsers Just Got A Cool New Software Upgrade
December 15, 2022 2023 1951

Great news for iPhone owners comes courtesy of Apple officially rolling out a brand new software update right now.The software update delivers a su... Read more

Apple Is Bringing End-to-end Encryption To iCloud Backups (Here's What It Means)
December 9, 2022 2329 2237

Apple has unveiled plans to let users choose to encrypt their iCloud backups in a move that will thwart hackers - and also puts limits on law enfor... Read more

Google’s First Foldable Phone May Not Perform As Well As Galaxy Z Fold 4
December 6, 2022 2193 2128

Samsung has been selling foldable phones for four years, and Google is expected to launch its first foldable phone in the first half of 2023. Howev... Read more

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