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Apple Confirms More Problems For iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Buyers
September 24, 2022 896 858

It is not a good time to buy any iPhone 14 model. Apple’s new range has been impacted by numerous bugs at launch, with Apple releasing two emerge... Read more

Google Pixel 7 Series Price Leaks, And For Once, It's A Good Surprise
September 23, 2022 1056 1021

Google has scheduled a hardware launch event for October 7 during which the company will officially reveal the Pixel 7 series smartphones and the h... Read more

Apple Updates iOS 16 To Fix Shaky iPhone 14 Pro Camera And Copy-paste Issues
September 23, 2022 898 869

Apple released its latest iPhone lineup and mobile platforms earlier this month, and a couple of annoying bugs quickly made themselves known to use... Read more

Apple Responds To Troubling iPhone 14 Pro Camera Issue
September 20, 2022 1518 1469

Soon after Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro began landing in customers’ hands on Friday, reports started surfacing of a troubling issue with the hands... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shaking and Vibrating in Apps Like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram for Some Users
September 19, 2022 1404 1337

Following the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, some early adopters of the devices have noticed that the rear camera's main lens v... Read more

Does iPhone 14 Have A Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor?
September 18, 2022 1410 1344

Apple has used Face ID on all iPhone flagships since the iPhone X, but do the new iPhone 14 series models bring back the Touch ID fingerprint senso... Read more

Motorola Brings 90Hz Displays & Stereo Speakers To New Budget Phones
September 17, 2022 1380 1324

Entry-level smartphones with premium features like 90Hz display panels and dual speakers are the Moto E22 and Moto E22i.Two new Moto E smartphones ... Read more

Xiaomi's Subsidiary's Phone Drops MIUI For Android & Is Less Than $100
September 7, 2022 2624 2504

The Redmi A1 is the first Xiaomi phone in three years to switch to plain Android instead of MIUI. Also extremely affordable is the entry-level smar... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro To Bring Back The Old Battery Percentage Indicator
September 6, 2022 2340 2240

A few last-minute iPhone 14 Pro leaks delivered significant information about a few key features coming to the more expensive iPhone 14 variants. I... Read more

Leaked Video Allegedly Shows New iPhone 14 Pro Notch Configurations Menu
September 4, 2022 2097 2014

Next week will be Apple's formal unveiling of the iPhone 14 Pro, so it's not surprising that a few purported production units have already surfaced... Read more

Apple Releases Emergency iOS 12.5.6 Update For Old iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch Models
September 1, 2022 2332 2215

If you are still using one of these old devices — iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, or iPod touch (6th gene... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Upgrade Could Come With A Price Shock
August 31, 2022 2143 2048

At its "Far Out" event, scheduled for next week, Apple is prepared to introduce the newest model of iPhones. The unveiling of four new iPhone model... Read more

Apple iPhone 14 Series: 5 Big Features To Look Forward To
August 29, 2022 2295 2186

Although the most popular iPhone 13, the iPhone 14, could have even more significant alterations than the iPhone 13. In reality, the release of App... Read more

Google Tensor 3 Chip For The Pixel 8 To Be Built By Samsung
August 29, 2022 1920 1835

The Google Pixel 8 is anticipated to launch in late 2023, but it appears to be in the works already. The third-generation Tensor chipset for the Pi... Read more

Why Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max May Be a Tough Sell
August 29, 2022 1681 1607

Another 6.7-inch iPhone is anticipated to be added to Apple's portfolio this year. According to reports, this phone will be a bigger version of the... Read more

Samsung May Release Stable Android 13 A Whole Month Earlier Than Last Year
August 28, 2022 1940 1854

Samsung started rolling out the second Android 13-based One UI 5 beta two days back and per a new rumor, we won't have to wait that much longer for... Read more

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Confirms A Global Release For The 12 S Ultra Successor
August 28, 2022 1617 1563

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun declared via Twitter that Xiaomi would be available in global markets. More specifically, Jun was talking about the next iterati... Read more

iPhone 15: Everything We Know So Far
August 27, 2022 1817 1736

iPhone 15 leaks have already started to trickle in with a handful of intriguing rumors regarding what we can expect from Apple in 2023. If you can... Read more

Apple's iPhone 14 May Be More Expensive Than We Thought
August 26, 2022 1533 1472

Will Apple keep the costs down for its next iPhone lineup, or will that rumored price increase come true? The iPhone 14's arrival is likely right a... Read more

New iPadOS To Follow After iOS 16 Release, Apple To Break With Convention
August 24, 2022 1815 1714

Apple has officially announced that it will defy tradition and release its iPhone and iPad operating systems at different times.After the September... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 Rumors Double Down On Massive Megapixel Move
August 23, 2022 2006 1908

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a bulky, high-priced phone that debuted this year, received favourable reviews from both consumers and critics despit... Read more

Apple Expects Strong Demand For The iPhone 14 Pro Max
August 23, 2022 1752 1682

The iPhone 13 line has been a huge success for Apple and there is no doubt that Apple feels confident about the 2022 lineup. According to highly ac... Read more

How To Hide Likes On Instagram
August 23, 2022 1491 1457

Here are the quick and easy steps for hiding Instagram likes and plays.For a variety of reasons, knowing how to hide your likes on Instagram could ... Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Could Be Almost Identical To The S22 Ultra
August 22, 2022 1504 1453

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was in some ways a big upgrade on the S21 Ultra, offering a new design and an S Pen slot, among other changes, but by ... Read more

Upcoming Google Pixel 7 May Have Been Revealed in Hands-On Video
August 20, 2022 1766 1664

We're expecting Google to officially launch its upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones in September, but we may've just gotten our first look at t... Read more

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