China's Biggest Search Engine Is To Set Launch A ChatGPT Rival In March
January 31, 2023 340 321

Chinese search giant Baidu aims to introduce a ChatGPT-like AI service that gives users conversational results, Bloomberg has reported. It'll be ba... Read more

Microsoft Extends Partnership With ChatGPT-maker OpenAI
January 24, 2023 601 573

US-based global tech giant Microsoft announced Monday it has extended its partnership with ChatGPT-maker and artificial intelligence (AI) research ... Read more

Dubai’s Property Prices, Rents To Continue To Rise In 2023
January 23, 2023 618 601

Real estate in Dubai saw a bumper year in 2022 with record-breaking transactions and soaring property prices – and the trend is expected to conti... Read more

AirPods Max 2 And Airpods Lite Tipped For 2024 Or 2025
January 13, 2023 986 959

Apple’s next big AirPods refresh has been tipped to ship in 2024 or 2025, and it could include the AirPods Max 2 and the more affordable AirPods ... Read more

Apple Music launch On Windows Is A Final Goodbye To iTunes
January 13, 2023 696 677

The Apple Music and Apple TV apps have finally landed on the Microsoft Store for Windows PCs, albeit in preview.The launch of the apps was original... Read more

Apple Has Already Started Trial Production Of The iPhone 15
January 10, 2023 966 920

The iPhone 15 has reportedly entered the trial production stage ahead of its launch this fall. It is expected to be manufactured in China and India... Read more

Apple Is Rumored to Introduce New Affordable AirPods Model
January 7, 2023 735 714

Already offering the 2nd and 3rd Generation AirPods, AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, and AirPods Max, rumors are now noting that Apple could be set to ... Read more

Apple Might Launch Slightly Larger iPad Pro Models In 2024
December 31, 2022 826 797

If Apple's iPad Pro models aren't big enough for you, in 2024 you might be able to buy larger versions – but the size difference won't be very bi... Read more

Apple Had Samsung Change Its Processes For iPhone 14 Pro Display
December 30, 2022 733 699

Apple reportedly asked Samsung to change its production practices to ensure the quality of the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island display.The stand-out f... Read more

Apple’s Chip-Making Error May Have Led To Less Impressive iPhone 14 Pro
December 28, 2022 765 733

Apple has reportedly released a less performative processor for the iPhone 14 Pro as a result of a mistake in the A16 Bionic chip development, whic... Read more

Here's Why Google's Next Pixel Watch Could Have A Week-long Battery Life
December 23, 2022 916 879

Your next smartwatch could be faster, more energy efficient and with a week-long battery life, thanks to Google’s latest acquisition.Google has p... Read more

Google Is Reportedly Scrambling To Match Viral AI ChatGPT
December 23, 2022 806 768

ChatGPT went viral a few weeks ago. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that can hold conversations with the user and answer questions. ... Read more

Samsung Makes The World’s First DDR5 DRAM Chips Using 12nm Tech
December 21, 2022 751 725

Samsung has unveiled the world’s first DDR5 DRAM chips that are made using 12nm semiconductor fabrication technology. The company revealed its 16... Read more

How to Change Your Windows Password?
December 21, 2022 681 662

How often have you stared at your computer screen, wondering what your password is? Our lives are surrounded by passwords for almost everything - y... Read more

YouTube Is Coming For The Comments Section
December 14, 2022 936 903

Image: Chris McGrath/Getty ImagesWe’ve all experienced our share of problems in the comments section on YouTube. From bots to spammers looking to... Read more

Apple May Finally Allow Third-party App Stores On iPhone And iPad
December 14, 2022 813 784

In order to comply with new European Union laws coming in 2024, Apple is reportedly preparing to allow iPhone and iPad owners to install third-part... Read more

Microsoft Authenticator Will Stop Working On Your Apple Watch Soon
December 14, 2022 721 701

Microsoft has announced that its two-step verification app, Microsoft Authenticator, will no longer support the Apple Watch from January 2023.Micro... Read more

How Apple Is Making ICloud More Secure To Protect User Data, Messages
December 9, 2022 921 879

Apple is making user data stored in iCloud more secure with iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys, and Advanced Data Protection for iClo... Read more

Twitter Accused Of Targeting Women In Layoffs In New Lawsuit
December 9, 2022 840 808

Two women who lost their jobs after Elon Musk’s $44bn takeover of Twitter have sued the company alleging the layoffs disproportionately affected ... Read more

How To Create A Strong And Secure Password
November 28, 2022 1442 1413

A strong password goes a long way in ensuring online privacy and security. Here are some tips on how to create a strong and secure password.With em... Read more

What Does The Purple Lock Around A Snapchat Story Mean?
November 21, 2022 1484 1449

Snapchat's purple lock on stories gives information about what the story means for the user looking at it, but what exactly is it, and does it matt... Read more

How To Create Topics In Group Conversations On Telegram
November 19, 2022 1350 1333

Telegram has released a new feature called 'Topics' for large groups that allows admins to create different sections for discussing specific subjec... Read more

The Play Store Will Soon Tell You When To Update A Crashing Android App
November 18, 2022 1213 1201

The Google Play Store will now advise users to update their Android app if it is crashing on their devices. Here's how it will work on devices.The ... Read more

How Optimized Battery Charging On Apple Watch Improves Lifespan
November 18, 2022 959 954

Optimized Battery Charging on the Apple Watch can learn a user's charging habits to delay fully charging a battery and increase its lifespan.Optimi... Read more

How To Close Open Apps On The iPhone 14 & When You Should
November 13, 2022 1394 1374

The iPhone 14 doesn't have a physical Home button, meaning closing an app on it could be a little tricky for new users. Here's how to do it.Like ot... Read more

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