How To Add Seamless Transitions To Your TikTok Videos
October 8, 2022 773 756

Using transitional effects on TikTok can make users' videos compelling and entertaining. Users can learn how to perfect TikTok transitions in video... Read more

Microsoft: Turn Off Security Features To Improve Windows 11 Gaming Performance
October 7, 2022 655 626

If you have upgraded a PC to Windows 11 and noticed a deterioration in gaming performance, your system may have suffered from the Nvidia performanc... Read more

What Is VPN By Google One And How Does It Secure Browsing?
October 7, 2022 570 543

VPN by Google One is a mobile VPN service. It's accessible from the Google One app on Android or iOS.It's an extra layer of protection that allows ... Read more

Pixel 7 Vs Pixel 6: Should You Upgrade?
October 7, 2022 477 463

Google's new Pixel 7 smartphone is a refinement of the Pixel 6, albeit with some upgrades and fresh features, but should Pixel 6 owners upgrade?The... Read more

Apple iPhone 14 Plus Review: It’s an iPhone, But Bigger
October 6, 2022 624 605

Every year Apple has a surprise or two in store for its device lineup, and for 2022 one of those twists is the iPhone 14 Plus. That's because inste... Read more

Facebook's New Feed Controls Offer More Customization
October 6, 2022 549 538

Facebook isn’t likely to stop recommending posts in your Feed anytime soon, but it is offering a few options for controlling the content you see ... Read more

Hacker Gets Probation For Massive Capital One Data Breach
October 6, 2022 455 438

The hacker responsible for the massive 2019 data breach of Capital One has been sentenced to time served and five years of probation.US District Ju... Read more

YouTube Tests Locking 4K Viewing Behind a Premium Subscription
October 5, 2022 542 527

A new test on YouTube is annoying users for turning the free 4K (2160p resolution) playback option into a paid feature for YouTube Premium.The rest... Read more

Samsung Reportedly Begins Mass Production Of 89-inch MicroLED TVs
October 5, 2022 467 451

Four years ago, Samsung unveiled its first MicroLED TVs. Back then, those TVs were recommended for businesses, and the consumer versions of those T... Read more

Here's How To Quickly Shut Down A Windows 11 PC
October 5, 2022 428 412

Windows 11 has made its way onto millions of PCs, and it's a beautiful tool; fresh features abound, old interfaces have new looks, and a whole new ... Read more

Why The Apple Watch Ultra's Display Isn't As Big As It Looks
October 4, 2022 562 547

Apple Watch Ultra has a 49mm screen — the largest display ever on Apple Watch — yet it feels smaller in everyday use, and isn't a reason to upg... Read more

How To Pair Your Apple Watch With A New iPhone (& Why It Isn't Working)
October 3, 2022 597 573

Users can transfer their Apple Watch to a new iPhone with Quick Start, but it doesn't work every time. Here's what users need to know.For people up... Read more

Apple May Not Bring Touch ID Back To The iPhone
October 3, 2022 520 496

It's been fiv years since Apple swapped Touch ID for Face ID, but it appears that it doesn't plan to bring back the fingerprint scanner to its phon... Read more

How To Send A GIF On Snapchat
October 1, 2022 823 789

While Snapchat enables users to share photos and videos in the form of Snaps, it also allows users to share GIFs. Whether users are texting with th... Read more

REVIEW: Can You Use Galaxy Buds 2 With An iPhone?
September 30, 2022 1062 993

At around $150, the Galaxy Buds 2 offer amazing value. However, iPhone owners might be better off shopping somewhere else for their next pair of ea... Read more

What To Expect From Xiaomi's Subsidiary's First Tablet
September 29, 2022 874 859

Xiaomi's Redmi subsidiary is launching its first tablet soon. While not a flagship, the device is packing some pretty interesting specs.Xiaomi has ... Read more

Google Is Bringing Android's Privacy Indicators To Chrome OS
September 29, 2022 772 762

A new privacy feature for Chrome OS is being pulled straight from Android, providing a visual indicator when the mic or camera is being used.Google... Read more

Older Samsung Phones Appear To Have A Battery Swelling Issue
September 29, 2022 700 703

In a possible rerun of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, multiple popular YouTubers are reporting that Samsung phones have a problem with swelling batterie... Read more

Google Message Now Lets You React To A Message From An iPhone
September 28, 2022 847 831

Ever since Apple introduced iMessage, the messaging between Android and iOS hasn’t been smooth. However, Google has recently been making efforts ... Read more

Google’s Play Store Now Makes It Easier To Find Apps For Your Watch, Tablet, TV, And Car
September 28, 2022 735 716

Google is updating its Play Store to make it easier to discover and download apps across the full range of Android devices — whether that’s Wea... Read more

Your Apple Watch Is Getting Even More Great Free Upgrades (6 Six Upgrades)
September 27, 2022 791 788

If you've just shelled out for the Apple Watch Ultra or Apple Watch Series 8, there's good news: Apple is bringing even more features to your smart... Read more

How To Choose The Right RAM For Your PC
September 26, 2022 863 841

RAM might be simple to install, but knowing which type to get can be a little confusing for those users who haven't built a PC before.Random-access... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Vs. Pro Max: Which Is The Best iPhone To Buy In 2022?
September 26, 2022 780 773

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series provide a familiar experience, but with a chip upgrade, a pill-shaped camera cutout, and the debut of the Dynamic Isla... Read more

Apple Watch Ultra: How Loud Is the Siren & What Does It Do?
September 26, 2022 666 656

Every Apple Watch has an Emergency SOS that users can use in an emergency, but Apple Watch Ultra has a loud Siren that can alert people nearby.The ... Read more

Mozilla Calls Out Microsoft, Google, Apple Over Browsers
September 25, 2022 884 840

Firefox maker Mozilla is taking aim at Microsoft, Google, and Apple for using their operating systems to steer users to their browsers and stacking... Read more

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