Apple Faces CCI Antitrust Probe Over Alleged Abuse of App Market
January 1, 2022 258 175

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) on Friday ordered a detailed probe against technology major Apple for alleged unfair business practices w... Read more

Android 12 Is Hitting Samsung's Note 10 And Original Galaxy Fold Early
January 1, 2022 251 171

Samsung is continuing its timely Android 12 rollout with the surprise arrival of the One UI 4-based update to the Galaxy Note 10 and first Galaxy F... Read more

OH NO! BlackBerry Phones Will Finally Die Off In Early 2022
January 1, 2022 291 173

END OF AN ERA: The pioneer of the smart phone before the smartphone BlackBerry has announced devices running on its BlackBerry OS software will sto... Read more

OnePlus 10 Pro Is Reportedly Launching In Early January
January 1, 2022 237 136

A new leak suggests that the OnePlus 10 Pro will be officially unveiled on January 11. The company's CEO Pete Lau had earlier announced that the de... Read more

U.S Officials Ask AT&T, Verizon To Delay 5G Wireless Over Aviation Safety Concerns
January 1, 2022 206 122

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Friday asked AT&T (T.N) and Verizon C... Read more

Tesla Recalls Nearly A Half A Million Vehicles Over Safety
December 31, 2021 322 209

Tesla is recalling nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles in the U.S. over safety issues related to the rearview camera and the trunk. ... Read more

Apple Still Hasn't Fixed Its iPhone 13 Noise Cancellation Bug
December 31, 2021 265 165

The new Apple iPhone 13 seems to lack the Phone Noise Cancellation feature and the issue has not been fixed for months. Apple launched the latest i... Read more

Samsung Sold An Insane Number Of Foldables In 2021
December 31, 2021 246 164

Samsung sold an impressive number of foldable phones in 2021, building upon the exciting advances made with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. The ... Read more

Future iPhones May Get Reverse Wireless Charging, But Not How We Expected
December 31, 2021 229 149

iPhones may feature reverse wireless charging in the future, but not in the way we anticipated. Apple may be working on a reverse wireless chargin... Read more

Tumblr Forced To Censor Content To Remain On The App Store
December 31, 2021 191 120

Tumblr has blocked hundreds of words and phrases from its iOS app to ensure that it doesn't get kicked out of Apple's App Store yet again. Tumblr w... Read more

Future Apple Watch May Ditch The Digital Crown
December 30, 2021 525 359

Future Apple Watch models may do away with the Digital Crown altogether, judging by a recently revealed Apple patent. Anyone who’s ever owne... Read more

LG Display Uses Deuterium To Make OLED TVs 30% Brighter
December 30, 2021 436 288

Only days before CES 2022, LG Display, the company that manufactures the OLED panels used by Sony, LG Electronics, Vizio, and virtually every other... Read more

James Webb Space Telescope Conducts Critical Tower Extension, Sun Shield Deployment in Next Few Days
December 30, 2021 380 249

NASA's James Webb Telescope is going through some critical manoeuvre phases which will determine its success as a mission to shed light on the orig... Read more

Apple May Be Creating An Origami-Inspired Folding Cover For Your iPad
December 30, 2021 416 247

The iPad might get an updated folding cover in the future with an Apple patent revealing what appears to be an origami-inspired design. The curren... Read more

Elon Musk Promises To Take Humans To Mars In 5 To 10 Years
December 30, 2021 376 238

In an interview this week, Elon Musk said that SpaceX would be able to take humans to Mars within five to ten years. Musk, the world's richest pers... Read more

Android Nearby Share To Windows Might Come Soon
December 30, 2021 332 197

Android users might be getting a rare treat soon, the ability to share files and photos to Windows computers using Nearby Share. For anyone aware o... Read more

How to Stop Getting So Many Spam Text Messages
December 29, 2021 449 305

Despite our efforts to continue to advance communication, there's always the possibility of getting smothered by unwanted solicitations. Marketers... Read more

China Lays Out Five-year Plan To Be Global Robotics Hub
December 29, 2021 400 271

China has unveiled a five-year plan to drive its ambition of becoming a global innovation hub for robotics by 2025. It hopes to get there by focusi... Read more

Verizon Wants To Build The Future Of Sports
December 29, 2021 370 250

Verizon teamed up with smart glass company Vuzix to deliver a “first-of-its-kind” augmented reality experience for sports and gaming wi... Read more

LG Is Designing A Weird Concept Laptop With Three Displays, Patent SuggestsLG Is Designing A Weird Concept Laptop With Three Displays, Patent Suggests
December 29, 2021 341 226

LG Electronics has been granted a patent for an unusual concept laptop with three displays. Margins on PCs have been declining steadily over the ye... Read more

Fitbit Wants To Predict Depression And Bipolar Disorder
December 29, 2021 296 196

Google-owned wearables maker Fitbit has filed a new patent application for a new technology that can analyze and predict users' mental health throu... Read more

Microsoft Patent Suggests Future Triple-screen 'Surface Trio'
December 28, 2021 425 262

It seems Samsung isn’t the only company considering a triple-screen folding device. A new patent from Microsoft shows what could be a future ... Read more

James Webb Telescope Ventures Deep Into Space To Unravel Its Secrets
December 28, 2021 350 217

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally in space and has already executed one of the mid-course correction burns maneuvers as it embarks on a jou... Read more

Microsoft Says Windows 11 Has A Color Rendering Issue, Fix Arriving In Late January
December 27, 2021 439 290

Windows 11 arrived with a relatively minor set of issues and Microsoft has been working hard to address them one by one since the official launch. ... Read more

New Patent Reveals More Of Samsung's Triple-display Folding Phone
December 27, 2021 392 261

Since the original Galaxy Fold’s disastrous launch, folding phones have vastly improved. The Samsung Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are proving so pop... Read more

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