The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Might Not Get A Battery Upgrade
August 5, 2022 425 401

Early in 2019, Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is anticipated to be on sale, but some may have hoped for a battery boost.Early in 2019, the Samsung Gala... Read more

OnePlus 10 Pro Gets Permanent Price Cut To $799
August 4, 2022 569 537

At its new starting price, it is even easier to recommend the OnePlus 10 Pro to anyone looking to purchase an Android flagship smartphone.OnePlus h... Read more

The iPhone 14 Series Could Come In These Color Options
August 4, 2022 493 469

All devices in the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup will reportedly ship in a number of colors, including a new Purple option for the first time.All devic... Read more

Oppo's Snapdragon W5 Smartwatch May Launch On August 10
August 4, 2022 446 432

The first Snapdragon W5 smartwatch may arrive sooner than expected and it will be packing some interesting features, including a second chip.It had... Read more

Does Apple Watch Track Blood Pressure? What You Need To Know
August 3, 2022 468 467

The Apple Watch comes with several health tools including a heart rate sensor, ECG app, and blood oxygen monitor, but is blood pressure included?Th... Read more

iPhone 14 Base Models May Not Get Samsung's Best OLED Technology
August 3, 2022 409 403

The iPhone 14 and 14 Max will reportedly ship with older OLED display technology from Samsung, while the 'Pro' models will get cutting edge panels.... Read more

Is The Pixel 6a Waterproof? What You Need To Know
August 3, 2022 355 364

The Pixel 6a has several features in common with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but can it survive an accidental spill or a drop in the swimming pool?The P... Read more

Pixel Buds Pro Vs. AirPods Pro: Best Earbuds For Under $250?
August 1, 2022 474 472

The Pixel Buds Pro gives Google the chance to compete in the premium earbuds segment. Here is how it stacks up against the AirPods Pro.The Pixel Bu... Read more

How To Enable Water Lock On A Galaxy Watch Before A Swim
August 1, 2022 497 497

The Water Lock option on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and its Classic variant addresses ghost input issues while swimming and guards against liquid d... Read more

How To Shop For The Right Budget CPU
August 1, 2022 413 426

A PC maker may find it challenging to shop for a cheap CPU. Fortunately, if one understands what to look for, limiting down the alternatives is sim... Read more

Google Meet Vs. Microsoft Teams: Which Is Best For Video Conferencing?
July 31, 2022 593 576

Which of the two widely used and capable video conferencing platforms—Google Meet or Microsoft Teams—is the best overall option?Google Meet and... Read more

AirPods Max: 3 Things Apple Needs To Change For The Next Model
July 31, 2022 524 518

Apple made the best-sounding over-ear headphones with the AirPods Max, but seemingly missed the little things, and the product needs a revision.The... Read more

Chinese Rocket Set To Crash Down This Weekend, And Nobody Knows Where
July 30, 2022 698 671

A Chinese rogue rocket booster is expected to crash somewhere on Earth on Saturday. Although when is predicted, the where is much harder to do.Debr... Read more

Samsung Is Making Phone Repairs Less Stressful With New Update
July 30, 2022 609 588

Samsung has announced an innovative 'Repair Mode' feature that enables users to hide their personal information while leaving a smartphone for repa... Read more

Apple Now Sells A Refurbished iPhone 12 mini, But Is It Worth Buying?
July 30, 2022 529 522

For those that want one, Apple is now selling refurbished iPhone 12 minis on its official U.S. website, and in multiple colors and storage options.... Read more

iOS 16 Developer Beta 4: All The New Features & Changes
July 29, 2022 636 608

The fourth developer beta of iOS 16 marks new changes for recalling messages — both in Messages and Mail — and allows devs to test Live Activit... Read more

Apple iOS 16 Beta 4 Allows Users To See Edited Message Log
July 29, 2022 537 520

With the release of iOS 16 Beta 4, Apple has added an edit log feature for messages and has also reduced the window for unsending a message.Apple i... Read more

Get Notifications About Friends’ Locations On Google Maps
July 28, 2022 586 575

In addition to sharing location with friends, Google Maps now gives notifications when a user arrives or leaves places. Here's how to set it up.Use... Read more

iPhone 14 Camera Lenses Are Cracking, But It Won't Affect Retail Units
July 28, 2022 515 517

Apple is reportedly facing quality control issues with the iPhone 14's rear camera lenses. However, it is unlikely to affect production.Apple is re... Read more

Google Pixel 7 And 7 Pro Camera Leak Reveals A Big Surprise
July 27, 2022 608 592

A new leak has seemingly revealed critical details about the cameras on Google's upcoming Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, as well as a surprise.A ne... Read more

Instagram Will Show You More Videos, Even If You Hate It
July 27, 2022 576 562

Following widespread criticism, Instagram head Adam Mosseri tried to clarify some of the recent changes on the platform, only to be slammed by user... Read more

Apple Music Stuck On iPhone Lock Screen? Here's How To Fix It
July 27, 2022 476 469

The Apple Music lock screen player is useful for controlling playback. If the widget just won't go away though, there are a few fixes users can try... Read more

OnePlus 10T Specs: Everything We Know About The New Flagship
July 26, 2022 652 623

Days before the OnePlus 10 T's worldwide release, the company shared some of its major technical details and provided an explanation for an odd des... Read more

Galaxy A52s 5G Vs. Galaxy A52 5G: What's New & Different?
July 26, 2022 561 542

Both the Galaxy A52s 5G and A52 5G are powerful smartphones. But what distinguishes the two in reality? Here is all the information you require.Two... Read more

The Pixel 5a Has Officially Been Discontinued
July 26, 2022 540 513

Since the Pixel 6a is now available for purchase, the Pixel 5a is no longer featured on the Google Store, indicating that it has been discontinued.... Read more

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