Amazon Kindle Vs. Fire 7 Tablet: Which One Should You Buy?

Amazon makes both e-readers and Android tablets, but is the Kindle (2022) the right device for users, or is the Fire 7 (2022) tablet the one to get?

The 11th gen Kindle and the 12th gen Fire 7 tablet are among the new products Amazon launched in 2022, but which one should users buy? One of the products Amazon is best known for is its Kindle e-readers which were first launched in 2007. This shouldn't be a surprise since books were the foundation for the business when it was founded in 1994. However, Amazon's Kindles are not without rivals. American bookseller Barnes & Noble also sells e-readers under the Nook brand name.

Tablets came later, specifically in 2011, with the launch of the seven-inch Kindle Fire. Amazon eventually dropped the Kindle prefix in favor of numbers (combined with the resolution for some models) for naming its tablets. At the moment, Amazon's tablets come in three sizes – seven-, eight- and 10-inch models, and unlike most Android tablets, they run a fork of Android called Fire OS. They don't come with Google apps and services and have their own app store.

The 11th gen Kindle and 12th gen Fire 7 tablet are both made from plastic. In terms of dimensions and weight, the Kindle is the smaller and lighter of the two. Neither the Kindle nor the Fire 7 have any water resistance, although Amazon sells other Kindle models with a degree of water resistance. The Kindle (2022) is available in Black and Denim, while users can purchase the Fire 7 (2022) in Black, Denim and Pink.

The Kindle Lasts Weeks On A Single Charge

Whether to purchase a Kindle or a Fire 7 tablet depends on a user's needs. The Kindle's sole function is for reading books, comics and documents; however, users can also use it to listen to audiobooks bought from Audible or surf the web (not the best experience). On the other hand, the Fire 7 is an Android tablet with many functions. Users can play games, surf the web or watch movies and TV shows. In addition, it can also be used for reading, just like the Kindle. Those who solely want a device for reading will find the Kindle's six-inch e-ink display easy on the eyes. Also, because it has an e-ink screen, its power consumption is relatively low. This explains why it can last up to six weeks on a single charge with 30 minutes of use each day.

In addition, it doesn't need to be illuminated to be visible if there is an external light source, such as the sun, when outdoors. When it is dark, a front light illuminates the screen for an experience similar to reading a book with a lamp. However, if a user's needs go beyond reading, the Fire 7 tablet is one of Amazon's tablets that can cover these needs. The color LCD display is excellent for streaming videos, surfing the web and casual gaming. It is also powerful enough for light editing documents when needed. However, the battery life is significantly lower. According to Amazon, the Fire 7 (2022) will provide up to 10 hours of use.

An advantage the Fire 7 has over the Kindle is storage space. The Fire 7 is available in 16GB and 32GB variants, and both have a MicroSD card slot. In contrast, the Kindle comes in a single configuration with 16GB of storage and lacks a MicroSD card slot, so users can't add more storage. Finally, their respective prices can also be a determining factor. The Kindle 7 (2022) is priced at $99 ($119 without lock screen ads). On the other hand, the Fire 7 (2022) is cheaper at $59 for the 16GB version and $74.99 for the 32GB version. Amazon will charge an additional $20 for models without lock screen ads.