Amid Coup Rumours, China Cancels Over 9,000 Flights, Several Trains For Unknown Reason

Amid speculation about China President Xi Jinping being under house arrest, Beijing has cancelled over 9,000 flights across country for unknown reason. Over 9,000 flights had been canceled nationwide as of 10:35 p.m. on September 21, accounting for 59.66 percent of those total scheduled journeys of the day, reported

Report stated Beijing Capital International Airport cancelled 622 flights, leading to a 60% cancellation price.

In addition, 652 flights have been cancelled at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, with a 54 p.c cancellation price. Similarly, 542 flights at Shenzhen Baoan Airport have been cancelled, accounting for 51% of complete flights.

"Three of the Chinese airports, namely Guiyang Longdongbao, Lhasa Gongga, and Chengdu Tianfu, had a high cancellation rate in Western provinces. Guiyang Longdongbao had 539 flights cancelled, with a 99 percent cancellation rate. While at Lhasa Gongga 157 flights were cancelled, with a 98 percent cancellation rate," according to local media reports.

Similarly, 752 flights were cancelled at Chengdu Tianfu airport, for an 87 percent cancellation rate. Similar cancellations were noticed at other airports in the country.

Besides, all tickets sold by the high-speed rail are also suspended, and the rail is completely stopped until further notice.

The internet is abuzz with speculation about China President Xi Jinping being under house arrest.

Many of the tweets under the hashtag are suggesting that Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest after the Chinese Communist Party seniors removed him as head of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA).

There are unconfirmed reports on social media that Xi Jinping was detained at the airport after he returned from SCO summit and rumour has it that he is currently under house arrest in Zhongnanhai's house.