David Beckham 'Turned Down Chance' To Skip Queue To Visit Queen's Coffin

David Beckham turned down the chance to skip the queue to visit the Queen’s coffin, opting instead to stay in the line for 13 hours, it’s been reported.

Yesterday, the former professional footballer was among the members of the public who walked for miles to Westminster Hall before tearfully paying his respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week at the age of 96.

It emerged that MPs and members of the House of the Lords have the option to skip the line, while also being granted the opportunity to take four guests with them.

Beckham, 47, is said to have been invited to join the fast track line by an MP, but turned the offer down, having been defended by presenter Dan Walker over claims he visited the Queen’s coffin for ‘exposure’.

A source claimed that he wanted to ‘be like everyone else’, because his grandfather, who was a royalist, would have waited just as long to honour the Queen.

‘David could have avoided all of the queuing but he wanted to be like everyone else. He said his grandad wouldn’t have [jumped the queue] so neither would he,’ they said, according to the Daily Mail.

‘He had been wondering all week when the best time was to go and finally he went for this morning.

‘David was brought up in an East End family who were real royalists – the kind who would stand to attention when the national anthem came on. He wanted to go to see the Queen like any other member of the public.’

While speaking to BBC News as he stood in the queue, Beckham shared how he and the people he was waiting with had been sharing snacks including Pringles, sherbert lemons and doughnuts.