How To Add Snapchat Question Stickers To Your Story & Share Replies

Snapchat is releasing new features for users to interact with their friends in new ways. Get your friends' opinions with Snapchat Question Stickers.

Fall is here, and Snapchat rewarded users with new features to spruce up their snaps, including the Snapchat Question Sticker. People love being more personal with friends and focusing on relationships. So Snapchat innovates its platform to keep the conversation going.

Snapchat is a messaging app where users interact with their friends through short texts and 24-hour stories. Snapchat provides users with many tools to keep communication engaging. Still, that doesn't prevent users from seeking third-party apps when a feature is unavailable. For example, many users depended on apps like Sendit or YOLO to share a sticker on the posts that allowed their friends to answer questions. The most popular being 'Ask me anything.' However, these particular apps can be toxic as the responses are often completely anonymous unless money is spent. Now, Snapchat has included its own questions sticker so that users can avoid third-party party apps altogether.

Adding a Snapchat Question Sticker to a story is effortless. First, open the app and tap the camera button to begin a new snap. Using any filters, take a photo or a video and edit it as desired. Now, tap on the 'Sticker' icon on the editing menu on the right of the screen. The new window will automatically open to the favorites tab of the sticker page. However, if it doesn't, tap on the star icon to open the favorites tab. Directly below the navigation bar will be featured stickers from Snap. Find the icon with a comment bubble and a question mark inside. Now the sticker will be added to the picture. Drag the bubble to the desired location and type in the question. When finished, share the snap to a story and wait for friends to reply.

Responding To Question Stickers

Answering an inquiry is simple. While viewing a friend's story where a question appears, tap 'Reply' on the sticker. The screen will prompt a box for the user's response. Type in the desired answer and send. Once the comment is submitted, the story owner can read it. The responses will be shared in the friend's chat or accessed in story management by swiping upward. Want to make it more fun? Tap the 'Quote' icon and turn the response into a sticker to share with friends.

There are many unique ways to utilize the stickers. Unsure what movie to watch next? Use the Snapchat Question Sticker to get suggestions. Ask questions such as, "Which flavor of coffee should I drink today?" or "What is your favorite superhero?" There are endless possibilities. Beware of what questions are asked, though. Some users may not like the answers given. That's the risk. And unlike some third-party apps, the responses are not anonymous. Don't send a text that could be regretted later. Snapchat has several other interactive stickers, too, including polls and group stories. Check out Snapchat's sticker menu to find other neat interactive tools for any snap story.