Meek Mill Previews New Lil Uzi Vert Collab Ahead Of NFT Mixtape

Meek Mill recently had issues with one of his labels not paying him a single dime for the music he created and went to social media to vent his frustrations. One of the solutions he came up with was to drop an NFT mixtape and it looks like the rollout has begun.

Throughout the week, Meek Mill has been posting on his social media accounts with information regarding his upcoming NFT mixtape. The first batch of news came on Twitter when the Dream Chasers boss notified fans they’ll need to follow special instructions to gain access to the project.

“You gone need a eTh address to hear this new mixtape … google how to get one asap! Now I can really rap,” Meek said. “Blockchain release coming sooon ima do I!!!!”

Meek added, “What platform should I release music on…. I might only leave it on one platform for my fans….Open sea… sandbox tap wit with me asap! Hit ‘me’ up.”

In the middle of all those tweets, Meek shared two teasers of records on the NFT tape, with one of them being the highly-anticipated collab with Lil Uzi Vert. Fans can see Meek and Baby Pluto tearing up the streets on their ATVs and motorcycles in one video while the Maybach Music Group rapper reflects on his come up and having dinner in another clip.

“Meek x vert song: -DRAWING- ‘Block chain music’ we not tryna force you to hear it just providing the vibes get a MetaMask asap,” Meek wrote in the caption of his post regarding the Uzi collaboration.

Meek continued in the second Instagram post:

“BLE$$INGS IM TRYNA DROP A MIXTAPE IN YOUR WALLET set up a wallet on your phone asap!!!! song: 11/28 get a ‘MetaMask’.”

If fans are wondering where Meek got the inspiration for an NFT mixtape, they need to pay attention to Money Man and his cryptocurrency expertise. The Georgia rapper recently made history as the first artist to receive his label advance via Bitcoin, which Meek shouted out on Twitter in November.