Offset Explains Why JAY-Z Is The G.O.A.T.: ‘You Can’t Play With Him’

Offset is the latest rapper to weigh in on JAY-Z‘s lyrical talents, dubbing Hov the greatest rapper of all time.

In a recent interview with Complex as part of their GOAT Talk series, the Migos rapper said no one can touch Jigga’s lyrical power.

“I gotta say Hov, all his sh!t is platinum,” Offset said. “You know sometimes the success is the reason why people say he’s the greatest of all time, what he did after rap. Bro, on rap you can’t play with him since the beginning of time.

“He always had the biggest records, he always got the biggest people and did the biggest records and he still come back and make impactful records right now.”

He continued, “If Jay do a verse right now, everybody wanna hear just what the man saying, only 12 bars. You know what I’m saying? ‘Cause he’s knowledgeable, and then he’s so up but his flows be so relatable to the struggle. He might tweak something and say something to let you know he poppin’, but then you got the verse where he talk to the culture.”

Offset is hardly the first person to deem JAY-Z the greatest to ever pick up the microphone. Lil Wayne, Wale, Cordae and Pusha T are just a few of the dozens of rappers that have given Hov his flowers over the years.

His lyrical prowess was once again a talking point back in August, when he rapped a colossal 80-bar firestorm on DJ Khaled‘s “GOD DID” track that had the internet once again referring to Jay as the G.O.A.T. rapper.

While many deemed the verse to be one of JAY-Z’s greatest, Lupe Fiasco and Charlamagne Tha God were among a few who said it was impossible to rank Hov’s verses.

“I think that’s what’s amazing people,” Charlamagne said on The Breakfast Club at the time. “‘Cause to me, the verse is really great, but here’s the thing. JAY-Z is really great. He’s been consistently really great for a long time so when people say, ‘Oh my God! This is one of Hov’s greatest verses of all time!’ It’s like, of course it is. Hov has got a bunch of verses that are his greatest of all time, and that’s why he’s considered the greatest of all time.”