One Of The Best PS5 Games Is Coming To Xbox Very, Very Soon

Microsoft has confirmed Deathloop, one of the best PS5 games out there, will arrive on Xbox Game Pass and as a standalone game purchase for Xbox Series S/X.

Better still, the time-bending assassination experience will be available to play on Xbox Series S/X and via Game Pass, GamePass PC and Xbox Cloud gaming as soon as Tuesday September 20.

Our reviewer Ryan Jones called Deathloop “one of the most innovative games” he’d ever played from a major publisher like Arkane Studios, awarding it 4.5/5 stars last September.

He praised the studio for “ripping up the rulebook” with a time-loop mechanic “plucked straight out of Groundhog Day”. The purpose of the game is to end that time-loop by assassinating eight enemies in a single day before you die. If you snuff it, you’ll wake up on the same beach with your character having no memory of what came before.

Ryan wrote: “Deathloop is one of the most unique AAA games I’ve ever played, using the time loop mechanic to great effect. You’ll need to plan out your assassinations rather than just charging all guns blazing right away, but that only makes the end result feel more rewarding.”

In a blog post from the Tokyo Games Show, Microsoft confirmed all updates since it’s initial release will be part of the Xbox version, including photo mode, cross-play matchmaking and a Goldenloop update including new weapons, new abilities and an extended ending.

The game can be pre-ordered and pre-installed now ahead of Tuesday’s release date.

It hasn’t been a bad week for Game Pass subscribers overall, with the news of a 4K remake of GoldenEye 007 coming soon to the subscription gaming service. It almost makes up for some of the absentees we’re experiencing due to the delay of some major first-party games