Rishi Sunak Reportedly Puts A Stop To Ministers’ Daily Broadcast Round

Rishi Sunak has reportedly put a stop to the daily grilling of ministers on morning television and radio shows.

Previously, under his predecessors, one minister was chosen by Downing Street every day to answer questions on programmes such as BBC’s Breakfast, ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB) and BBC Radio 4’s Today.

Now the prime minister, who succeeded Liz Truss less than a month ago, will cut the frequency of interviews to about three days a week, The Mirror reports.

The interviews will also be scheduled for days when there is an announcement, the report adds - citing a Tory source who said ministers will be put on air when “there is something relevant to talk about”.

Mr Sunak’s ministers have already had to face tough questions while on broadcast rounds over the past few weeks, mostly notably over the prime minister’s decision to appoint Suella Braverman and Gavin Williamson to cabinet.

Mr Williamson resigned over claims he had bullied staff just two weeks after Mr Sunak appointed him as a minister.

Also embroiled in bullying allegations, deputy PM and justice secretary Dominic Raab will be investigated after two formal complaints were made about his behaviour toward staff.

Mr Sunak has also been criticised for appointing Suella Braverman as home secretary a mere six days after she was forced to resign from the same job, under Ms Truss’ premiership, for leaking documents.

The rumours that he will cut down on interviews would not be the first time that Conservative ministers have steered clear of the airwaves.