Tesla Cybertruck Delayed Again; 2022 Production Date Removed From Website

Tesla has removed the 2022 production date from the Cybertruck's website, suggesting that the much-hyped vehicle is delayed once again.

Tesla has removed the Cybertruck's 2022 production date from its website, suggesting that the much-hyped vehicle is delayed once again. Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck with much fanfare in 2019, but it remains MIA more than two years after its announcement. Production of the vehicle has been delayed multiple times, with still no concrete date on when it might roll out onto the streets. It was scheduled to go into production later this year, but the latest development now suggests that it might not happen any time soon.

While the Cybertruck remains a white elephant more than two years after it was originally announced, the hype surrounding the vehicle doesn't seem to diminish. Just last month, Elon Must took to Twitter to announce that the vehicle will have the ability to turn on the spot like a tank and also have the so-called 'CrabWalk' feature that will enable it to move diagonally by rotating all four wheels at the same angle. GMC first announced the feature for its Hummer EV that is expected to be one of the biggest rivals for the Cybertruck in the electric pickup segment.

Now, the Tesla Cybertruck microsite has removed the 2022 production date for the vehicle. There's no new date in sight, which means the Cybertruck might be delayed indefinitely. According to Edmunds, the webpage previously announced the scheduled production date of 2022 front and center, saying, "you will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022."

However, as of January 13th, the company has deleted any reference to 2022. At press time, there's no official statement from Tesla on the issue, so the reason behind the delay isn't immediately clear.


Tesla Is Yet To Say Anything On The Delay

While Tesla has never been a stickler for deadlines, the latest delay might not be entirely the company's fault. While Tesla has yet to issue a clarification on the matter, this particular delay might result from the global ship shortage, which has been dragging on for more than a year. The situation has affected all automakers and consumer electronics companies, not to mention graphics card-makers that are simply struggling to keep up with demand.

It is worth noting that Ford, GMC, and RAM have all either launched new electric pickups over the past year or are on the verge of launching electric versions of some of their most popular pickups in the market. GMC has already launched the Hummer EV, and announced the new Chevy Silverado EV and the Sierra Denali EV. Ford also debuted its F-150 Lightning last year.

The Ram 1500 EV is also reportedly on track to hit the market by 2024. If Tesla doesn't get its act together, it risks losing market share to the big three. That said, the Cybertruck will have character aplenty, so it remains to be seen if that will help it carve out a niche for itself in the EV truck market despite the delays.